Braces provide the very best in high quality alignment of teeth and the correction of occlusal (bite) problems

We offer a range of orthodontic options from our Sydney CBD and Bondi Junction practices. Orthodontics is commonly undertaken during adolescence to align crowded teeth and camouflage mild to moderate skeletal discrepancies of the jaws.

Adult orthodontic treatments are also very successful.  The best method to straighten the teeth and provide a functional occlusion is through the use of braces.  The most commonly used appliance is the stainless steel bracket, but modern advancements have provided a range of more aesthetic options, including:

Treatment times vary for each individual and commonly range from 12 – 24 months for most cases. After you have achieved the desired orthodontic outcome it is essential that you wear the retainer prescribed to you in order to ensure that you retain your new smile.

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Our team will discuss your orthodontic options with you throughout your consultation to ensure you receive the treatment that is best suited to both your smile and your lifestyle.

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