The Facts about Lingual Braces

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What if I told you that you can have braces on the back of your teeth? Completely hidden and proven to be effective, lingual braces at Ortho3 may be the treatment for you. What are lingual braces? Often referred to as invisible braces, lingual braces are the discreet orthodontic solution…

Looking for a better smile? But not sure what is the right treatment for you?

Every adult wishes for the perfect smile but when you imagine yourself with the old traditional braces does it scare you off? For many of us, the answer is a big YES!!! The good news is you can now have the smile of your dreams without braces. In today’s world,…

What is the difference between Invisalign and traditional braces?

If you’re thinking about Invisalign as your first step towards a straight smile, now is the time to think about the benefits and how they differ from traditional metal braces. Invisalign is popular More than 3 million patients worldwide have now started treatment with Invisalign without the need for old-fashioned…

Famous celebrities who used lingual braces to straighten their smiles

While it’s sometimes hard to believe, even celebs need orthodontic work done to improve the function and aesthetics of their smile. We take a look at some famous celebs who opted for lingual braces to straighten their smiles. 1.      Kate Middleton The beautiful Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, reportedly used…

Nothing like visual results – before and after photos of orthodontics

Looking to transform your smile? There are many different ways to go about it, but to put one’s mind at ease, it’s nice to look at before and after procedures just to see how they rapidly change. There are all different kinds of smiles and of course having a beautiful smile…

Discover the discreet alternative to get a straighter smile – lingual braces

lingual braces Sydney CBD Bondi Junction

Would you like to straighten your smile without the whole world knowing? Lingual braces provide all the strength of traditional braces, but they’re completely invisible and you don’t have to remember to put them back in all the time. Let’s take a closer look at this clever alternative to traditional…

How to straighten teeth without braces

Invisible Braces If you’re looking to straighten your teeth invisibly, then we have the treatment for you. Invisible braces or invisible aligners are custom made plastic trays that are worn over a specified period between 12-24 months depending on your individual case. How do braces work? General braces such as…

Your Orthodontist Sydney

Are you looking to straighten your smile with an experienced orthodontist? If you are, Ortho3 could be the perfect fit for you. At Ortho3 we have over twenty years’ experience in orthodontics and we also offer a wide variety of treatments to suit all of our patient’s needs. There are…

3 benefits you want to know about having straight teeth

Ortho3 in Sydney’s CBD and Bondi Junction can help you improve your health by straightening your teeth.

A beautiful smile with functional benefits Many of our patients visiting our Sydney CBD and Bondi Junction practice locations want to straighten their teeth for aesthetic reasons. Most of our patients don’t realise how beneficial a straight smile can be, not just to your appearance but to your health. Many…

How do braces work?

how do braces work from a Sydney orthodontist

Often times at our Ortho3 Sydney CBD and Bondi Junction practices Dr Kerry Lester is asked the question “how do braces work?” Each and every person has a unique smile. If your teeth are out of line or your bite doesn’t line up when you close your mouth, the need…

Looking for an orthodontist in the Sydney CBD or Bondi Junction?

Want straight teeth but don’t know where to start? With over 17 years of experience with ortho treatments like braces, Dr Kerry Lester at Ortho3 can help.

What are your plans for the week? Maybe you’re having lunch with friends, meeting a potential client, going for a job interview or enjoying a romantic dinner for two… Whatever your plans are, Sydney can provide the perfect setting and outfit but what about your smile? “You are never fully…

Infographic: How to straighten your teeth without anyone noticing

The good news for adults now is that there is a way to straighten your teeth without others noticing, but can everyone have them? Here at Ortho3 we are able to provide our patients not only with more than one discreet option for straightening teeth but also with access to…

Looking for love or the perfect job? Straight teeth could be the key

Having great teeth could do wonders for your career and personal life Seeking orthodontic help doesn’t have to be just about straightening your smile for cosmetic reasons either. Here at Ortho3 in Sydney’s CBD and Bondi Junction we know that it’s more than for appearance sake - adults and children…

5 questions you have probably asked about orthodontics

At Ortho3 in Sydney’s CBD and Bondi Junction we are committed to giving people the orthodontic information they need in order to make an informed decision. Below are 5 questions that you may have asked yourself about when it comes to orthodontic treatment. What is an Orthodontist? An orthodontist is…

What facial feedback hypothesis means for you

The burst of a smile can be triggered by a number of senses: sight, smell, touch and many more. Once one of the senses becomes stimulated the brain will react, sending signals to the muscles in your face to contact and transform into the shape of a smile. The art…

The invisible alternative to traditional braces

Invisible braces: the ideal option for busy professionals Ortho3 in Sydney’s CBD and Bondi Junction have a solution for busy professionals who wish to straighten their teeth inconspicuously. Invisible braces, otherwise known as invisible aligners, can discreetly guide the teeth into place without giving any visual indication that our patient…

Creating a facial harmony for children

Guiding the growth of developing jaws in young patients Our orthodontic professionals are passionate about the development of jawbone structure and teeth placement in our youngest patients from our Sydney CBD and Bondi Junction practice locations. Orthopaedic treatment is designed to achieve a state of facial harmony and correct any…

Adjusting your hygiene routine

Oral hygiene can be the key to ensuring a healthy future for your teeth, especially while you rare receiving orthodontic treatment At Ortho3 in Sydney’s CBD and Bondi Junction we wish to help our patients achieve a sound oral hygiene routine while they are receiving orthodontic treatment. Maintaining a sound…

Put your Most Professional Foot Forward

Smile confidently in the work place Here at Ortho3 in Sydney’s CBD and Bondi Junction we value our patients self confidence in professional environments. We understand that if you are self-conscious about your smile, that concern can extend to other areas of your life. To help our patients working in…

Lingual Braces vs Invisible Aligners

Comparing lingual braces and invisible aligners At Ortho3 in Sydney’s CBD and Bondi Junction we strive to provide our patients with a wealth of orthodontic information so they can make an informed choice when it comes to their orthodontic treatment. For our adult patients and our highly compliant young adult…

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